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We have bikes and racks in 18 locations at your disposal.

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How does it work?

  1. Choose your tariff

    book your bike

    First, choose your tariff, log in and go.

  2. Bike rental


    Enter your member number and a 4-digit code on the bike. Then release the U lock and fasten it to the holder of the bike.

  3. Ride


    Do you need to stop for a coffee? Press the “HOLD” button and then lock the bike to a rack. Then enter your 4-digit code again and continue riding.

  4. Return


    After you finish riding, lock the bike to any rack.

Price list

  • 29
    /per hour
    Free time per trip: 15 min

    Pay as you go

    One time activation fee 3,-CZK

  • 260
    /1 month
    75 min of free riding per day

    1 month

Additional info:

  • Credit of 10 CZK for the carriage of the bicycle parked outside the rack into the rack.
  • Fee of 50 CZK for locking the bicycle outside the rack.
  • Only one bicycle can be hired per one account.
  • Hiring time is running all the time during the “HOLD” mode. “HOLD” time is set to 30 minutes in default. HOLD time can be increased directly on bike keyboard.

  • Countdown begins at the moment of booking the bicycle through the application or via the website.
  • Fee of 300 CZK for locking the bicycle outside the Velonet.
  • 29,-CZK per 1 hour - hourly rate prorated to the minute. You pay for what you ride through


Find and book your bike

Our mobile applications for iOS and Android will help you find racks with free bikes around you and provide much more information.

Please download and install using the links below

* one app works across all networks.

Velonet FAQ

Answers to your questions

To become a member of Velonet, do I need a credit card?

Yes, you need a credit card. A credit card serves as an anti-theft guarantee.

Can I rent more bikes at once?

Currently, you can borrow only one bike using your membership number.

Can I somehow obtain any credit?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a credit of CZK 10 if you unlock bikes locked out of the station and if you lock them at the station. The credit will be deposited to your Velonet account and can be used later. Credits cannot be redeemed in cash.

What happens if I park my bike out of the specified area?

If you park outside the specified area of Velonet, you will be charged a fine of CZK 300. After logging in the mobile application, you will find out if you are outside the specified area.

Do you withdraw bikes for winter?

Yes, bikes are withdrawn from operation in winter starting from November 30.


Ride safely and according to the rules

  • Check your bike before you ride

    Check if tires are flat, try the bell and brakes. If you ride in the dark, check the functionality of the front and rear lights.

  • Never ride on the sidewalk

    Riding on the sidewalk is not allowed and it is dangerous. If you have to use the sidewalk, walk your bike at walking speed. Always give priority to pedestrians.

  • Follow the traffic rules

    You have the same rights and responsibilities as car drivers. Give priority to pedestrians. Follow the traffic lights and road signs. Ride in the right lane. Use the bell to alert..

  • Turning and lane change

    Give a hand signal a change in direction. Before turning or changing lanes, always look backwards and make sure it is safely possible. Be extremely careful when riding alongside trucks, buses and other large vehicles.

  • Wear a helmet

    Always wear a fastened helmet. Replace a helmet after a possible crash.

  • Be predictable

    Let others know clearly and in time what your intentions are. Go straight and do not zigzag between cars. Indicate your direction change in time and check the situation not only in front of you but behind you as well.


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